Saturday 12th August & 19th August 2017

1.00 - 4.00pm

Course Fee: $285

Learn all the secrets about under-wire bra construction. Nothing has escaped this course; laces, fabrics (and their stretching factor), threads, bonding, padding, elastics, boning and overall general finishings.

Obtain the best professional advice in trimmings, sewing and lingerie stitching. Know the different components of your bra; casings, closures, straps and underwires.

Students need to bring their own machines, pkt machine needles, white thread, pins and scissors.

Recommended Abilities: *** to ****

Course Minimum Ability Star Rating:

* Absolute beginners

** Basic sewing skills and machine skills. You will have used a commercial pattern previously and know basic seam construction techniques.

*** Average / confident sewing skills - used to using commercial patterns, have a knowledge of pattern marking, good knowledge of the sewing machine.

**** Very confident sewing skills, able to work reasonably quickly and acurately with a knowledge of cutting on a bias grain, pattern making and sewing terminology. An ability to recognise pattern shapes.

To make a booking or an enquiry, please call 9399 2870.